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PT Kenkad is a company that specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic press machines for various industries.  Founded in 1997, we have devoted significant resources and accumulated ample experiences to keep updated with latest technology in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements and needs.  For more than 20 years, we have supplied dependable presses which offer high level of performance characteristic.  We believe that we can provide value added product to our customer satisfaction.

Today we are recognized as one of the leading hydraulic press machine manufacturer in Indonesia.  At Kenkad, every machine can be custom tailored to suit specific customer needs.  Kenkad takes considerable pride in the fact that there are hundreds of our presses being operated not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines.

We are looking forward to provide our products and services to satisfy customers in Indonesia and beyond.


  1. To Provide One Stop Solution for Manufacturing Metal & Non Metal Forming Products.

  2. To empower our customer to be highly competitive in their respective industry by providing reliable machines and equipments.

  3. To provide continuous technical support to make sure our machines and equipments work accordingly.


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    Automotive Industry

    • Astra Otoparts Tbk., Divisi Winteq PT.
    • Selamat Sempurna Tbk., PT.
    • Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum, PT.
    • Toyota Tsusho Indonesia, PT.
    • Dasa Windu Agung, PT.
    • Dharmesta Swasti Mandiri, PT.
    • APM Armada Suspension, PT.
    • FSCM Manufacturing Indonesia, PT.
    • Jimco Sukses Indonesia, PT.
    • Megah Nusantara Perkasa, PT.
    • Yokoten Creative Indonesia, PT.

    Kitchen Equipment & Household Industry

    • Tugumas Fuli, PT.
    • Nayati Indonesia, PT.
    • Aditec Cakrawiyasa, PT.

    Waste Recycling Industry

    • Macanan Jaya Cemerlang, PT.
    • Tetra Pak Indonesia, PT.
    • ZTT Cable Indonesia, PT.
    • Citra Mega Nusantara, PT.

    Tire & Rubber Industry

    • Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk., PT.
    • IRC Inoac Indonesia Tbk., PT.
    • Selamat Sempana Perkasa, PT.

    Other Industry

    • Nitto Materials Indonesia, PT.
    • Servvo Fire Indonesia, PT.
    • Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Tbk., PT.
    • Fluid Sciences, PT.
    • Tifico Fiber Indonesia Tbk.,